9:57pm April 15, 2014

there’s 4 minutes left


less than.

this is so ridiculous.

It’s an hour and thirty minutes this week.. Not just an hour. : )

3:53pm April 14, 2014
Isaac is not returning next season. That’s going to be a big surprise for a lot of people. (x)
6:53pm April 11, 2014

Reblog if you believe in Peter Pan



Every Tumblr user who reblogs this will get their URL immortalized in a journal and I will give it to Peter Pan himself when I’m in Disney World this Summer! :D


I do believe in Pan

10:23pm April 4, 2014

Just a friendly reminder..


In 4 weeks..


11:35pm April 3, 2014

Turning 21 in less then an hour….. :O

21!!   Where did the time gooooooo!!!!!?? 

Seems like just yesterday I was watching Blues’ Clues!


2:17am March 26, 2014

So push me up into the skyline
High enough to feel you breath
Surround me ever so completely
Because you are everything I need.

I can’t bring you back,
But I will live to go to you.

— Emma Ruth, Mike Mains and the Branches (via catchingneverland)
2:17am March 26, 2014

“So push me up into the skyline, high enough to feel you breathe. Surround me ever so completely, because you are everything I need.”

— Mike Mains and the Branches (via ivesearchedformyself)
2:17am March 26, 2014
  • Plays: 43
  • Artist: Mike Mains & The Branches
  • Album: Home
  • Track Name: Emma Ruth


So push me up into the skyline,

high enough to feel you breath.

Surround me ever so completely

because you are everything I need.

2:17am March 26, 2014
  • Plays: 10
  • Artist: Mike Mains And The Branches
  • Album: Home
  • Track Name: Emma Ruth


Mike Mains & The Branches - Emma Ruth

Your mom will one day tell you the story of how I would find new bands or be attracted to certain songs and as always research them only to find out that they are a Christian band or a band that had influences of faith in their music.  I am glad I find each one as I do hold my faith as important to me and we will allow you to decide if it will be for you as well.  It has happened more times than I can count and Mike Mains & The Branches fit the category perfectly.  I’ve seen them live once in Texas and it was fantastic…now hopefully they’ll one day make it down to Tampa!

Their album Home is one you will get, but I did have a couple songs in mind for this list.  I decided to let you hear my favorite by the group, Emma Ruth.  The story behind the song is quite powerful.  A mentor to Mike was set to have a baby but the child was stillborn.  When he returned and met with Mike he began to cry and according to Mike said “I still choose to believe that God is good”.  Hearing this story myself was something I won’t forget and something that hit really hard.  My hope is that my response in the face of such tragedy would be similar.  The music and lyrics carry the power of the message well, it is one of those songs I don’t just listen to but instead feel as it plays.

11:16pm March 24, 2014