there’s 4 minutes left


less than.

this is so ridiculous.

It’s an hour and thirty minutes this week.. Not just an hour. : )

Isaac is not returning next season. That’s going to be a big surprise for a lot of people. (x)

Reblog if you believe in Peter Pan



Every Tumblr user who reblogs this will get their URL immortalized in a journal and I will give it to Peter Pan himself when I’m in Disney World this Summer! :D


I do believe in Pan

Just a friendly reminder..


In 4 weeks..


Turning 21 in less then an hour….. :O

21!!   Where did the time gooooooo!!!!!?? 

Seems like just yesterday I was watching Blues’ Clues!


So push me up into the skyline
High enough to feel you breath
Surround me ever so completely
Because you are everything I need.

I can’t bring you back,
But I will live to go to you.

Emma Ruth, Mike Mains and the Branches (via catchingneverland)